Starting the Transformation

Welcome All and if you read this it means you may well know what’s happening Aut and about.

We All are getting close to what we need and get rid of the unused bargain that slows down our freedom.
Often it can be hard to be Free. Until you are free you enjoy that freedom.
Because when is taken away it may stay gone.
Therefore the man took what was His own and prepared to leave.
to see what was behind the hills that occluded his vision . ,
and feel the river, and the mountain rocks ,
tho hear the wind that blows away what is not a need of the soul.

Long life to the Rama Wanderings in the wild
I woke up in the morning with this pressing pain in the centre of my stomach;
        a feeling of being trapped in a cage with no visible bars. 
Now I feel these bars materializing….
        the parking fee, the rent, the off-licence, the tesco advert , reason, responsibility, the everyday dwelling in that spiraling loop….
              a spiraling loop that takes me to the land of death and its rotten core.
I feel the weight of an unnecessary  burden that slows my breath and consume my mind with the fire of numbness….
I cry with an ulcer-like pain attacking my guts…  …but no tears…. 
…being free…. of taking any risk to fulfill the need that urges to be unleashed….
THE TIME is upon me 
…to pursue the meaning of my own existence…
Until dawn I will be awake…  …and plan my Quest.
Has life always been this way ? 
or we lost something somewhere in our past….
Has this modern time give us too much to find a meaning ?
Is it our life sustainable ?
Where are the keys love ?
what time are you back from work daddy ?
who did win the x-factor ?