Italian-born photographer, writer, visionary artist and all round creative, I share my time between the east London-based studio, the great British countryside, the celt lands of Galicia and my motherland at the feet of Etna volcano in Sicily. The love for travelling, the outdoors, the ocean, technology and photography were passed down by Granpa Achille; chief mechanical engineer, worldwide traveller, photography and music enthusiast. The defective curtain on Achille’s old Russian reflex pushed me to experiment with my own first Nikon. The love for film is today still alive in my historical 500C Hasselblad , used for my most demanding clients and my own personal projects. My eye’s favourite subjects are the wonders of nature and it’s elements; from rocks to water, trees and wildlife. The passion for the ocean and the great outdoors often takes me to the countryside where I search for inspiration and subjects to photograph. In London I work with interiors, product, portraits and documentary projects commissioned by London based clients and international firms.
My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing my fine art photography work hanging on the walls of private and public spaces.
My Dream ? A studio next to the Ocean, an Hawaiian longboard and a ’78 ford pick-up truck

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