Gijon, Asturias – Always on the road

I am back on the road. 
After six years of hard work reshaping my personal life, my work life, my believes and attitudes towards the world, I am living the dream again.
I left London on June 19 on board of the ship that is taking me from Portsmouth to Bilbao. Since I left my work, my social life and my projects behind, I feel free again. I am free from the bills, I am free from the dramas, I am free from the collective illusion which is becoming to small for me or in which I am not finding the role to play yet. It’s not that I do not appreciate or value the efforts that my neighbours are putting into their lives but it just do not seem to me a worth while shot. I mean that, after the average city dwellers work forty hours or more, payed all the bills, food, clothes and the basic needs of modern life, they only have enough money to spend at the local restaurant pub, bar or shopping mall.
We have grown too comfortable of the well balanced temperature on our city buildings, our warm ready made food, our entertaining media complex, our smart phones and our world wide web of information.
But where is the adventure, the discovery, the playing, the personal growth, the inspiration ? They are locked out there, far beyond that outer road that enclose the city like a wall; protecting it from the wild madness of that scary world of the elements called nature; that world of which we were made of, that world that once nurtured us, taught us, inspired our best technological advancement and made us the most successful animal living on the planet. 
After all the inconveniences, the uncomfortable but needed night sleep, the rough food, the cold weather, the backache by hunching on the low ceiling van, the scorching heat of August in Valencia that caused three vehicle breakdowns under the even hotter and sweatier afternoons on the highway, the fights with mechanics and part suppliers, the fights while drunk with friends and random people encountered on the road and many more tales I will at one point tell, I loved it all.
I loved the twenty minutes fighting with the strong currents of Campelo to get where a three meter wave will sail you for seventy meters at high speed all the way to shore. I loved the fight to push my ’80 4×4 fire truck all the way up to the top of the pine trees forest where I camped watching the best night sky and I slept in the greatest silence I ever experienced. I loved the surrealist days spent my artists friends in Cadaques between a fighting with the police, a fight to fetch water, a fight with the drug addict life masters, the fighting between visions, dreams, judgement, morals and words with yourself. I loved it all and I am determined to continue living this dream so I can tell you the story.
Morning driving on the highway to A Coruña