It’s another day on the road and GrisĂș, my loved ’84 Ford fire truck need some rest. It’s 4th cylinder is worn out due to the burnout during the August heat in the south of Spain. It’s around eight in the evening when I pull over the next resting highway area.  It’s very dark outside aside from few car interior lights. It seems a nice tranquil spot to have a break from the noise coming from the broken exhaust pipe of the ’97 smoky transit engine. I can not wait to make it back home to England and get it all fixed. It’s not only for the smoke, or the noise, or the probable possibility to get stranded in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere with no cellular antenna coverage, that I need fixing the Machina. It’s more for the fact that I am trying to live my life according to my believe system as I want to be an example of that kind of human I believe in. So I want my engine to be as clean and carbon free as my eating habits, my sexual life, my tools and ultimately my own words. 
But let’s get back on the road, actually that resting area; the place I want to rest, have a bite, check my emails and test the consistency of my thoughts. My acceptance and open mind towards all genres, thinking, lifestyle and beliefs of the human race. While I look for a nice spot to park I turn my head right where I see a big truck with the cabin lights on and by its driver side under the soft but consistent rain flow there is a naked overweight bald man  with his arms spread over the cabin door. Meanwhile I pass by turning my head both side to check for parking and exploring the unknown environment I am taking part of, I see more and more details of the trucker scene. Another well fed fellow traveller is behind the naked fleshy big man pushing his pelvis against him with a rhythmic movement. It took me longer than normal to realise what was happening but suddenly I felt a strong gutty feeling of rejection coming from my belly. I promptly attacked my mind for homophobia then reiterate with reason as, a side from the strong imagery that is not for everybody’s taste, I though about the other car passing by with a family with kids who, seeing the scene, would ask their parents uncomfortable questions. And there I give reason to my guts: why a young mind should see things and experience things that are not meant to be lived until life naturally brig them into their lives ?
I felt a strong voice saying that whatever we do can is an example; a way that shows others visions of life, possibility, inspiration, hope. So I walk another mile keeping my steps in check as every step I take can and will be followed on a scale beyond my control.