Any wedding or portraits in 2017 ?

During a conversation with a fellow photographer, I was asked how do I feel about weddings. I replied to him saying that it is one of the hardest jobs for a photographer. From the first contact with your client, who is usually overwhelmed by the daunting planning task to the grand day where the levels of stress, emotions and expectation are over the ceiling.

The Wedding it’s such an important day that, while I concentrate on the wedding couple I need to be aware of everything and everybody at the same time as everybody’s emotion is part of the story that needs to be documented.  Every smile, every tear, every unexpected reaction will be a moment to remember. Every picture will tell this new family’s history for a lifetime and perhaps few more to come. One picture could save a family from disintegration at that moment when things may get too hard or out of hand.

When I close my photographer’s tool box and suit myself I am mentally preparing for a daunting task; Since I will arrive at the bride’s,  I am entering a family life on one of their’s most important day. To most of the members of the family, I am a stranger. However, this stranger is yet one of the most important members of this new family as he will be recording every single minute of this day that will be remembered forever. The pressure created by emotions, information, responsibility and professionality are all trough the roof; and I will live and feel all of it. Wedding photography is not for the faint-hearted and all the hype, skills, vision and savoir-faire is what make our cache for the day. A day to remember for everybody. And that great picture will be worth all the troubles.